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We help companies hire better and faster.
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How does it work?

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1. Invite candidates

Add candidates, select questions and send invites - all with just a few clicks.

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2. Candidate takes interviews

Candidates take the video interviews on their own time from wherever they want.

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3. Make decision

Review videos or share with your team members and then make a decision.

Don’t worry, you’ll be keeping good company

“Our engineering team now does not have to get involved until the face to face rounds. I can now interview hundreds of candidates in no time.”

Daniel, Hiring manager

“Using interviewparrot, Now I can schedule phone screen any time. I don't have to worry about calendar availability. ”

Amber Rennie, Recruiter

“I loved the interviewing experience on the platform, it is much relaxed and far better than anything else I have seen.”

Sib Pravana, Candidate

Make better decisions

Take the stress out of hiring

Playback videos or share with your team to analyse responses and rate them before you make a decision.

Powered by AI

Optionally, you can use our AI assistant to make decisions for you.

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Packed with features
Built for scale

Our systems are designed to handle hundreds of interviews simultaneously if you need to.

High quality videos

Get a better insight into the candidate using our high quality audio and videos

Reduce Time to Hire

Grab that talented candidate before anyone else.

Save Money

Save time & resources on phone screens and pre interview assessments.

Attract Talent

A candidate-friendly experience means you can attract even better candidates.

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