About us

Our Mission

Equal opportunity platform

We are trying to build a platform that provides equal opportunity to all candidates. We envision a platform that values skills above anything else.

Remove human bias

Our system ensures that any evaluation or ranking we produce has no bias against any developer.

Data driven

Our system is constantly learning and improving with every assessment that takes place on our platform.

Help job seekers

We intend to provide the users accurate insights into the areas of improvement and on the skills employers are looking for.

Who are we ?

We are a Toronto based startup

We are a small team of engineers, who have had the opportunity to work in start-ups and big companies. After taking 100s of interviews and looking at hiring processes, we decided to build a platform from scratch that helps makes decisions based on candidate skills. Strong engineering teams have 2 things in common - the skills and passion to build and ship great products.

If you want to know more about our technology or just want to have a chat do get in touch. We love to talk and show off our expertise, especially if it also involves a beverage.

Are you an employer looking to hire engineers ?

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